Consulting Offerings


Typical Duration




Business Analysis



5 days consecutive


         Identify key hand full of business processes and document them


         A report identifying key strengths and weaknesses

         Business Playbook



Executive Offsite



2 days


         Develop Vision, SWOT analysis, Must dos, Plans


         Common direction

         Action Plan



Vision Formulation



to 1 day


         Review of company values, aspirations


         A draft company Vision statement


SWOT analysis



1 day


         Facilitation of a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat analysis review



         High level analysis to inform strategy



Gap Analysis Action Plan


1 day


         Where is the business vs. where we would like it to be



         Action plan to get on track


Key Strategic Imperatives



to 2 days


         Consensus of imperatives


         Handful of Must dos


Key Business Indicators (Balanced Score Card)



1 to 3 days


         Consensus of measures




         Measures of success


Market Plan Analysis


2 days


         Market segmentation, total vs. served markets



         Recommendations affirmation


Market Sales Plan


2 days


         Are you focused on the correct markets and products to realize your strategic objectives?



         Market/Sales Action Plan


Detailed Process Analysis

All businesses


5 days non-consecutive over 2 to 3 weeks


         Process flow, understand inputs and outputs, suppliers and customers, potential process failures


         Team collaboration

         Process map

         Supplier Customer analysis

         Process Risk analysis



Develop Your Companys Quality Plan


2 weeks


         Apply statistical approach to:

  Deliverables to customers


  Customer feedback



         Quality Plan

         Quality Plan Implementation Manual


Develop a New Product Launch Plan



1 week


         Gates reviews and requirements

         Concurrent activities


         Develop and document a New Product Implementation process customized for your business


Support ERP/MRP implementation from operations point-of-view


1-3 weeks


         Keep eye on required metrics

         Ensure tool will manage future


  Safety stocks

  Indented builds


         Standard vs. actual cost

         Back vs. forward flushing




         Robust Enterprise / Materials & Resource Planning system geared to client requirements


Supply Chain Analysis


1 week


         Strategy for procurement

         Classification of components into ABCD



         Develop strategies for improving turns, reducing total cost

         Develop score card for key suppliers


Review of Purchasing Strategy with an eye to Effective Supply Chain Management



1 to 3 days


         Analysis of the commodities purchased,

         sourcing agreements



         Formulated purchasing strategy implemented on the two top commodities


Human Resources Review



2 days


         Perform audit(s), reviews and evaluate current practices


         Recommendation affirmation


Executive Team, Energizer/Reenergizer



2 days


         What is important to team success-focus on success


         Develop focus

         Energized team


Team Building


Various schedules and formats



         Personality types of team members



         Connected team