Carlyle Crothers
  •  Professional engineer , R&D engineer, manufacturing engineer, product manager, director of new product engineering, and VP of operations and consultant.
  •  Lean 6 sigma, interpersonal skills, problem solving, and provided leadership coaching
  • Wide range of industries from health care and finance to heavy manufacturing and service, with a splash of military and educational
  • Known for his energy and enthusiasm
  • Master facilitator
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Chris Benn
  • Graduate of the University of Western Ontario.
  • Senior Manager, holding executive positions, in the Service Industry, Healthcare and management experience with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment
  •  Known for his ability to produce increased profit while controlling costs
  • Led sales and marketing organizations training to best practice
  •  Recipient of the AkzoNobel international Marketing Award of Excellence
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George Javornik
  • Seasoned & accomplished Leader with over 30 years corporate, military and consulting experience
  • Executive-level staff positions in manufacturing, telecom and financial services.
  • Graduate of both the Canadian Army and the United States Marine Corps Command and Staff Colleges
  • Executive management consultant,
  • Industries that include financial services, oilfield services, healthcare, business information & logistics
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Paul Taenzer
  • PhD in clinical psychology
  • 30 + years of experience in health care, management, service delivery, research and system innovation and change.
  • Led inter-professional teams responsible for new models of providing care, and in using research evidence to improve quality of care.
  • Areas of health expertise include stress management, insomnia, smoking cessation and pain management
  • Extensive team building
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